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Large OLED touchscreen |Up to 20-days battery life

With the Google Assistant, you can check the weather, start your run, or set a reminder just by asking.

A Watch That Learns About You

Smart watches collect a lot of information about you. It could be the number of steps you took in a day and where you went, or financial information if your device is enabled to make payments. And the list grows, depending on the apps you've installed and the personal information you've provided.

Smartwatches can monitor fitness information, like steps taken in the day and body composition. They can also monitor and spot potential medical conditions.

All Google Apps Now Easy to Access

Get apps on your watch. You can download a variety of apps from the Google Play Store on your watch. Some apps work with a matching app on the phone that's connected to your watch. Tip: Make sure your watch is connected to Wi-Fi or on LTE to search and download apps.

Control Music From Your Watch

Ready to experience the freedom of a wireless, phoneless, and practically weightless workout? If your smart watch has a built-in speaker, you can play music right from your watch. If it doesn't, don't worry! All you need to do is connect Bluetooth headphones. Simply add and remove tracks to build the perfect playlist! If you prefer streaming, you can do that too with a Spotify premium account.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

a smartwatch will help you to stay fit,Its you who need to make a mind,exercise ,have a healthy diet and other activities..

A Watch Face That Suits Your Style and Interests

When it comes to customization, changing your smartwatch’s wallpaper is one of the best things you can do. Doing so should let you add some of your personality to your wearable device, as well as make it unique or more exciting.

Supports MicroSD

Data in an SD card is stored on a series of electronic components called NAND chips. These chips allow data to be written and stored on the SD card. As the chips have no moving parts, data can be transferred from the cards quickly, far exceeding the speeds available to CD or hard-drive media.

  • Local MicroSD Supports up to 64 GB
  • Local MicroSD Supports up to 64 GB

Choose From Best of Collection

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Features & More

  • Calender

  • Maps

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Location

  • Music

  • Messages

  • Alerts

  • Phone


Heart Rate

You can check your heart rate any time using the Heart Rate app.

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Recording time

Keep track of time, set alerts, use as a stop watch and record work outs.

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OS Convergence

Integration of different technologies in one single device.

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Local MicroSD Support to ensure you have the memory you need.

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